Gilead has been something of a "Let's see if I can make this happen" kind of project. I started out making candles for my own home. I use them daily and I thought this would be fun to do myself. And was I right. At the time I incorporated into my candle line a series I called the Standing Stones Collection derived from a book I fell in love with called Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. This was my outlet of the wonderful books. I surprisingly sold some of these candles online and have since slowly evolved my own branding. It seems to have hit the plateau I have been waiting for. Thanks to my wonderful husband's hidden photography talents I have my favorite label design now. The GLADE CREEK GRIST MILL at Babcock State park in West Virginia provided the perfect subject matter. Since I have the label I am happy with I have turned my attention to the most favorable candle fragrances that people really like and I have suited them to the season.
Please keep checking back because I plan on adding scents as often as I can.