Candles that claim to be "all natural" and "100% Soy" can have a natural frosting or whitening effect. It does not affect the scent or burn-ability of the candle. This is how you know your candle is 100% soy.
The shrinking of the candle in a container where you see the candle lifting from the container is known as wet spots. It is not wet but looks like air between the wax and the container. This is a natural occurrence that even the high priced candles sometimes have happen. It does not affect the scent or burn-ability of the candle.
The longer the candle burns the larger the melting pool. Target is to have the wax melt all around the container.
Always keep the wick trimmed to about 1/4". This will help eliminate soot build up on the container and burn very clean.
Burn the candle on the first burn until there is a full melt pool all around the container. This insures great hot scent throw and will also insure the candle will burn this way for every use.
Tunneling happens when the candle only melts around the wick and the wax at the edge of the container does not melt. You will not get a favorable hot scent throw when this happens. On the very first burn make sure the wax melts all around the container. This is considered the memory of soy wax. It will help in the process of future full melting pools with each use.
The first burn may take 6-8 hours to realize the full melt pool. It will take 2-4 hours after the first burn to get the full melt pool which is where you get the full hot scent throw.
Fragrance oils and essential oils are not the same. Fragrance oils can have essential oils in them but they are mostly man made. Essential oils are derived from plants and trees. So the price for essential oils is considerably higher. Essential oils can not be used alone in scenting candles but fragrance oils are made to do just that. But did you know there are many other uses for fragrance oils. See list below: *3-4 drops on old white sock or piece of t-shirt makes a great reusable dryer sheet *2-3 drops in sneakers *1-2 drops on cotton ball then apply to light bulb or even stationary *2-3 drops in baking soda for carpet cleaner *2-3 drops added to water bottle as air freshener *2-3 drops mixed with a little water in oil burner